My hair is long when I pull it out

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I'm 14 African American and I have 4c hair. Usually my hair is really short but when I pull out strands it ends up long. I desire long hair, is there a way to get my hair to be like that normally?


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    Welcome to Curltalk!  I think you'll have to either iron it straight or use a chemical relaxer.  Neither one is good for your hair, but if you get it done professionally, they'll make sure it's done well and they'll do what they can to minimize the damage.
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    @Badhair2004 Welcome to CurlTalk.  
    First, there's no such thing as bad hair!  All hair is beautiful!  It might not be exactly where you want it to be right now, but it's not bad! 
    You'll just have to be patient and let your hair grow out. Assuming you're eating healthfully and taking care of yourself, it will grow about 1/2" a month. 
    And while you're waiting for it to grow out, search this website for some cute styles to wear with shorter hair! Like this: 

    Young african american woman standing with arms crossed by m-imagephotography

    Here's an article to check out. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    I don't know a lot about type 4 hair, but it sounds like you have some pretty intense shrinkage. I'd look for products that are geared to elongation, and try twist outs, bantu knots etc to help elongate your hair

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