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Thank you for letting me join.  I'm 57 years old and have been on a few hair journeys.  I spent seven years growing out my hair (bangs anyone) and getting off the bottle - ha ha bleach blonde.  I lasted about two years and went back to highlights but kept my long hair.  Lots of blow drying and straightening and hot rollers.  I will admit the spouse likes my hair better straight.  I'm hoping with nicer curls he will like curly hair just as much. It takes me 30-45 to dry and straighten my hair and frankly I'm over it.  Yes I'm on at the point where I can wash once a week and have enough body in my hair to look nice, with a pony tail or french braid on casual Friday.  I've been reading a lot about the curly girl method for about a month and am in my second week of transition.  I'm not a product junkie so this is a bit of change for me.  Shampoo and Conditioner, home made deep condition treatments and esty Night Blooming oils.  I think my hair is in good condition at least my hair dressers seem to think so as well. So I didn't think I needed a big detox. I highlight 3-4 times as year as my hair grows very slowly and I drag out the appointments.  It also hurt when my hairdressers moved to Florida.  I think finding a new hairdresser is almost as bad as finding a spouse!!  It's been two years and I still haven't found someone local.  She came back for a few weekend appointments and I went to her to get my hair done. (Helps to have an airline employee spouse, next appt is in November.) I'm still trying to figure out for sure my hair type I think 3a or b, leaning more towards b and hair goes it own way.  I have lots of fine german blond hair in a family of dark heads and my mom was auburn.  She was always asked when I was little "how you get blonde child" my hair was almost white when I was little, darkened up some in my teens and current natural blonde is probably in the caramel/tawny color range. Current length straightened is just below b s l, with curl shrink probably a p l. I got my dad's blues eyes and I think his lack of gray genes.  If I have grays I can't find them or they are blending into the blonde very well. Dad didn't go gray until after 70, Mom was going gray before I was born! I don't intend to color out gray when the time comes unless I get a really yucky gray color, I hope to be a silver fox!
So here's to another hair journey.  Trying Deva Curl products at the moment, I'm sure I will be experimenting for a few months!


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Glad you've joined us.  Your hair sounds lovely!
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    2B/2C, fine hair, low density, mixed porosity, protein loving hair
    Current products:
    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
    Deva Curl One Condition (original formula)
    Innersense I Create Volume
    Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
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