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Hi! Not sure if I should be asking this here or in the All-Natural section, but I'm hoping for some advice if anyone has had a similar experience to mine. I have 2c/3b fine thin medium porosity hair, was elbow length until yesterday when I had a DevaCut, now just past the shoulders. I have been shampoo-free since 2015, started with BS/ACV, went through a egg wash/honey rinse phase, tried rye flower, and have been doing Rhassoul clay and ACV for the past ~18 mos. The deciding factor in my becoming shampoo-free was scalp sensitivity - I got to the point where I could use a new "hypoallergenic" shampoo maybe twice before my scalp and face would get red and itchy. I haven't had this problem with any of the DIY approaches I have used. I have tried several DIY leave-in's from coconut and shea whips to flax seed gel to aloe but none of them seem to do anything but weigh my hair down or turn into a white flaky mess. Having had the DevaCut, they recommended using B-Leave in (or at least putting SOMETHING in my hair to protect it day-to-day), but I'm a little afraid that that may undo my 3 years' worth of not using commercial products OR that I'll have an allergic reaction once I've used it a couple times. I'm also very very sensitive to scented products.
Does anybody have some mild commercial products that they can recommend, or any other DIY leave ins? Anyone with similar sensitivities who's found a regimen that works?


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    I can't help you, but have you ever had a skin allergy test done? I'm wondering if there is something you could get a panel done for that would list your allergies. Again, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
    Many natural hair product brands tend to be less irritating than convential brands such as garner, Loreal  suave, etc.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I've had the intradermal skin testing done twice, not fun! That sort of thing is really more accurate for environmental allergies than topical irritants, unfortunately. And I've never used the "mainstream" brands - parents were hippies, so I've always used natural and organic, grew up using Dr Bronner's and that was the first one to go!
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    You can try DIY Flaxseed gel. Many people like that as a styler. Naptural85's channel has plenty of DIY styling butters but her hair is type 4 so it may be too heavy. But flaxseed gel is generally loved and easy to make.
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    You could try something from the Jessicurl line.  They offer everything in a fragrance-free version, which might help.  And then try putting the products just in the ends of your hair, trying to keep it away from your scalp.
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