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(Sorry if this is in the wrong category!)

I'm fairly new to CG, and I'm having trouble understanding why my hair reacts the way it reacts from day to day. If I'm not mistaken, I'm a type 2B/C wavie with medium to low porosity, thin/fine hair..

1. What causes stringy curls? Sometimes my curls are stringy and disgusting, even on wash days. Any theories? 

2. My hair always looks way better on day 2 after washing. How could that even happen? Could I be using too much product? I feel like I am using very little. A tiny dash of leave in and a little bit of gel. 

3. Since my hair is so thin, I prefer the big volum eand poofy hair days. Do any of you have product recommendations based on my hair type and desired result?

Random tips for a noobie like me based on my hair type is also greatly appreciated!
Thanks! #noob

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    Welcome!  I think we have very similar hair.

    If your hair has been looking good and then suddenly goes stringy - I have no idea why this happens.  It happens to me too, even after 2 years of doing this.  Just on my last wash day it happened.  I blame it on the weather.  We had a sudden weather change, nothing else was different.

    I also like my day 2 hair better.  For me, it's because it poofs out just slightly which gives me more volume, and the curls are a bit straighter so it's just wavy and and not curly at all.  One day 1 they're sort of curly on top and wavy underneath, and I prefer having them all the same.

    Have you tried using mousse for more volume?  Most of them do nothing for me.  All my life I've tried mousses and haven't liked them.  But recently I found AG Naturals Cloud foam and it actually works!  It's not a miracle worker - my hair is still flatter than I'd like.  But it does give me some extra volume. 
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    Welcome!  We're glad to have you here at CurlTalk. 
    You might like this article about stringy curls we published this summer. 

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!


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    Thank you so much for the helpful replies!

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