3B Hair, Feeling frustrated with the amount of frizz and lack of shine

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Hi all, I used to live in the Bay Area and my curls would always look so nice. Since moving to Chicago, I'm in a constant battle of keeping product on my hair (seems like as soon as I get out of the house, the product leaves my hair), keeping it moisturized, and define. It just looks dull and frizzy all the time. :( it also just doesn't feel soft. Especially when I shampoo (no sulfate) it feels incredibly disgusting 

any advice is appreciated.

More info:
-I wash my hair every 3 days, alternating between just conditioners, or shampoo and conditioners. no sulfates or -cones. 
-Once I get out, my hair doesnt feel very soft. I used leave-in conditioner, then kinky curls gel


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    Welcome!  The change could be because of the weather, or even the water, if one location has soft water the other has hard water.  I'm guessing you need more hydration - so a good conditioner and lots left in.  And you might want to pick up some Ion or Malibu hard water shampoo to get the hard water mineral buildup out of your hair.
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    Definitely up the moisture and deep condition once a week. You may want to try sealing in moisture either with a gel or oil. Dull hair may signal build up so use a sulfate if you think this may be a cause. It will also help products work better.

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