Different porosities?? Need help!

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Hi to everyone,

I‘m very confused about what‘s going on on my head, also I live in Germany where normal hair dressers don‘t really know about curly hair so I‘m hoping to find advice here!

Above you see a picture of my hair during the last twist out. My problem is: my curls in the front, on the top and above the neck seem to absorb moisture ok, also they are more shiny and the curls are more defined. But at the same time the hair around my face is very thin and prone to breakage, it never passes chin-length.

The hair in between, at the back of my head, I hope you can see that on the picture, is always super dry, especially the ends and has no curl definition. Also it is very dense and I just cannot seem to get moisture in properly. So my suggestion is that I have have fine high porosity hair with medium density at the front/top/above the neck and low porosity hair with high density at the back. Would you agree, did I get this right?

I read that Lo-po hair needs light weight products and hi-po hair likes heavy butters etc. That is the part where I get confused because I feel like I need to use heavy products to weigh down the hair in the back (which I assume to be lo-po), otherwise they will have no curl definition or shine and just fly around. At the same time I feel my hair in the front (which I assume to be hi-po) is weighed down with heavy products and gets greasy. I really don‘t know which products to use. Heavy, light? Proteins? Shampoo, co-wash? Oils, butters? LOC, LCO? Just confused.

I‘ll be so thankful for any advice! 

Thank you!



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    Welcome!  I think you have something a little mixed up.  High porosity will be dry and thirsty, low porosity will be not dry and thirsty. So you’ll have low porosity in front. High in back. 

    But really, all this is just confusing matters. You know your hair is dry in back and not as dry in front, so concentrate on getting more hydration in back.  I suspect it’s not a difference in porosity at all.  It seems like the areas that are easy to see and reach are getting better treatment than the back of your head, which is more difficult to see. This happens to a lot of people. 

    Really concentrate on getting plenty of conditioner on the back of your head. When you refresh, make sure to go all around and not just what you can see in the mirror.  Do some deep treatments, and see if you can get someone to section your hair and get lots of the conditioner all through that section. 

    Your hair air is going to be really pretty once you get it defined like the front!
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    Hey, thank you so much for your comment!

    This whole porosity thing indeed confuses me a bit. I read that low porosity hair can be dry, too as it is hard to get any moisture in. That‘s what I experience with my hair in the back, it just never seems to absorb moisture, the product just sits on top, also it‘s hard to get it soaking wet with water, that‘s why I assumed it was low porosity. I did this floating test after washing my hair , actually neither my hair in the front nor in the back sink, they just float on top forever, which would be a sign for low porosity. Confusing!

    I used to wear a weave with my real hair out in the front and flat ironed it...another reason why I assumed my front hair was high porosity. But maybe you‘re right and this is not even about porosity at all. So I‘m gonna try and focus even more on the back. Again, thank you very much!
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    I had similar issues in the beginning... my crown area was always dry, no matter how much products I threw at it. I finally solved it with fermented rice water (protein) treatments every 3rd week, followed by moisturizing deep treatment (I do those weekly). I also started doing squish to condish under shower, really focusing on getting that part of my hair moisturized and fully coated with conditioner, pressing it in. It took a few weeks, and it is behaving much better now. Here is the before and after: 
    Type: 3a/3b
    Hair strand thickness: medium/coarse
    Density: thick
    Porosity: low at roots/normal mid-shaft/high at ends
    Sensitivity to protein: no

    Cleanse: DC Low-poo
    Clarify: Build up buster, Malibu-C Un do goo
    DT: DC Melt into moisture, Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein Treatment, occasional fermented rice water
    Condition: DC One Condition Original and One Condition Decadence
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    Hey CurlyLili,

    thank you so much for your answer! Funny, your first picture indeed shows you had the exact same issues like me. Now look at your hair today, it‘s so beautiful, omg! Thanks for sharing those pictures and your advice. I‘m gonna follow your hair regimen and see if it works for me, too! Awesome!

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