Can’t use deep conditioning treatments?

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hi all I’ve tried a moisture deep conditioning treatment the Noughty deep mask and also a protein treatment from Shea Moisture Deep Restore line. After trying both treatments my curls become really fluffy and undefined until I wash again. I’ve tried doing the deep mask before washing and after washing hair. I’ve also tried not putting in leave in conditioner after using mask and yet still the same results. Anyone have any ideas? I suffer massively with frizz and everyone says to do deep treatments but no matter which one I do my hair ends up horrible!

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    I looked up the ingredients on both of those, and they both have shea butter (SM - of course - it's right in name).  Also the Noughty conditioner has isopropyl alcohol, which should be avoided.

    You might want to try something with no shea butter.  I really love Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair.  It has some protein, but not a lot.  Another one I like is Deva Deep Sea Repair.  This one has a lot of protein.  Curl Junkie has a couple that a lot of people love.

    I find cheaper deep conditioners don't do much of anything for me.  At least not the ones I've tried. 
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    So I recently learned that a lot of wavies here do not deep condition either. I personally find that baffling but you have to do what works for you. Don't deep condition. Or alternatively try deep conditioning with your rinse out. If you don't want to waste the masques, use them as a rinse out as an alternative.
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    I use Hask Keratin Protein Smothing Deep Conditioner, and all of the other Hask deep conditioners I ran through this website came up as CG approved. you could try them 
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    Oh wow no way!! I can’t believe I missed the alcohol in the Noughty mask!!!! These comments have all really helped. Thanks guys. Definitely won’t be using Noughty anymore. I’ve started using SM and Cantu recently which is 10x better anyway. My hair is normally fine with Shea butter so I think it’s just the fact I don’t have curly enough hair to do it. 

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