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I have 3a curls and about a year and a half ago, I stopped using any heat on my curls. Since then, I have been using the curly girl method. For some reason I am having trouble with 2nd, 3rd and 4th day hair now. Before CG method, I loved how my curls looked the next day after washing but now they look awful and it seems the more I try to tame them, the more frizzy my hair gets. I don't know what I am doing different or what is making my hair so crazy frizzy. The only thing I have changed since switching to CG method is how I wash and put products in my hair on wash days (upside down and put in products while hair is soaked). I love how they look the day of washing, but really need advice on what to try the next day. I have tried pretty much every gel, cream, oil, water bottle, water/conditioner mix spray in the water bottle, and got a devacut. I've tried to sleep with it the "pineapple", tried satin and silk head wraps and caps and sleep on a silk pillowcase (same brand of pillowcase I've been using since before I switched to CG) and still, nothing makes my second day hair look anything but a frizzy mess. Would completely wetting it in the shower every morning (without washing)help or hurt it more? I would love any advice on this. The thing I am most confused over is how my hair looked great for 4 days after washing to now looking terrible after one day. I am hoping that is just my hair adjusting and is temporary. It's costing me a lot of money on wasted products to figure out how to fix this.


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    I typically do not put more product in second day as that leads to build up. I have recently loving a rosewater and glycerine spray from heritage for mildly refreshing. So that might help if you like glycerine.
    Has this been a recent issue or has always been? If recent, you might have build up and need to clarify with a sulfate.
    Another tip is having a hard hold gel on wash day really helps preserve the curls overnight.
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    Welcome!  It won't hurt at all to completely wet your hair every day.  It took me a long time to get good second day hair, and sometimes it still doesn't look very good.  Getting good first day hair is most important for me, and then protecting it at night is also important. 

    My hair didn't like being refreshed with spray bottles when I started.  I use my hands to smooth water down my hair, very gently.  You can use a mix of water with conditioner if your hair is very dry.  I don't - I just use water now.  But I may go back to water/conditioner mix in the winter.
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    The only way I can get second day hair is to wet the lengths thoroughly, add a little more mousse (I don't use gel at all) then air dry and diffuse, which is pretty much what I do on wash days too. I can't get beyond two days, never could though, must be frustrating when you used to be able to.
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    Since going CG, have you been able to get multiple-day hair, and it's just now becoming a problem? If this is the case, then I'm guessing either you have build-up or else your climate has changed (switching of the seasons).
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    Something that has helped me with sustaining curls is plopping overnight in a snood (think durable soft hairnet) with all my styling product in it. Then in the morning my hair is mostly dry because of the aeration but is still damp enough to further style or dry. The pattern is sturdy enough that it lasts well through the day and then I just spritz at night and repeat. I find I actually have better volume on the second day than the first. 

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