Newbie, not sure where to start - used to be 3a, moved to dry climate now barely 2a. Miss my curls!

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I recently moved from a more humid climate, where my hair was 3a. On humid days sometimes it was too frizzy but often it was just right. My routine was to shampoo and condition (with typical supermarket shampoo), scrunch and air dry, sleep on it, and in the morning it was usually smoothed down and full of lovely loose corkscrews. I'm in a dry climate now and can barely manage 2a. My hair feels very flat and slippery. The entire texture feels like it's changed. I'm really missing my curls. There's so much info on this website I'm not sure where to start. I would love recommendations for specific products that aren't hard to find, and especially ones with little to no fragrance. I really hate the feel of product in my hair, so am most interested in things like leave in conditioners rather than products that hold curls. I should add that I color my hair (red). 

I've never been someone who spends much time, thought, or energy on my hair because it's usually just worked. For me, the simpler the better! Thanks friends! 


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    Welcome!  In addition to the climate change, it might also be caused by a water change, especially if your water is softer or harder than it was before.  If you currently have hard water, you could use Ion or Malibu Hard Water shampoo to get rid of the minerals built up in your hair.
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