To gel cast or not to gel cast? And how?

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So as a newbie who is still working on getting my hair on the straight and narrow, and as a 2a/b gal, I have seen a lot of things saying that it is important to have some kind of gel support for my waves/curls. But I'm not sure I'm doing this right. I have been putting the gel in after doing my wash and condition and leave in while my hair is still pretty wet and scrunch it in. Then in the mornings I have been spritzing my hair with water and scrunching in gel to redefine what I have got going. My struggle is that I end up with pretty crunchy hair that doesn't dry for a couple of hours and then the cast doesn't want to break for several hours after that, and by that time half of my hair is frizzy or broken free and I am left with a few strange crunchy strands. Am I better off as I get my hair figured out to just let it run gel free? Or do I just need to work on my technique? 

Also, one half of my head always seems to fall straighter than the other, what's up with that? 

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    Getting a gel cast isn't the goal of gel - just getting nice frizz-free curls is the goal.  The cast is just a side effect.  If you don't get a cast, that's fine.  But getting too much of a cast - when you can't even get it out - that's not so good.

    I put my gel in my hair while it's sopping wet - still in the shower. Then I squeeze out the excess water with my hair towel, and sometimes I add a little bit more after that.  I will then start diffusing for 10 minutes or so, then air dry.  Then diffuse more to finish drying.  I tend to not get a cast this way, but it usually holds well and looks good.

    Try putting your gel into your hair when it's wetter.  It should dry a little softer, and be easier to break the cast.
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    Try using a tiny dab of oil (any oil your hair likes) to get rid of the crunch. This will help seal in moisture and help with frizz. Then on refresh days, try using just a spritz of water and scrunching to redefine and only put more gel on the curls/waves that are frizzy. You can also try a specific curl refresh spray. 

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