Help - Absolute Beginner - feel like giving up already!

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Hi everyone
Firstly a big hello and I'm so grateful to have somewhere to ask all these questions. I'm 36 and I've battled with my hair my whole life - every hairdresser I've ever been to doesn't believe that it's curly / wavy and always cuts it straight and then it ends up looking crappy as soon as I either leave the salon or the next day. 
I've decided to embrace CGM and have read the book and this site over and over but I'm stuck on a few things so I hope someone out there can maybe help....
1. I'm not sure what my curl type is? It seems like it should be a 2b but I have LOADS of hair and it's very dry due to a bout of repeated colouring (and colour correcting). It could even be 2c but I don't know. When it was longer and I used to tie it up damp it would go into pretty tight curls but they were always super frizzy and didn't stay long after taking my hair down. As a result I never wore my hair 'down' for longer than an hour or two at a time. My hair was about mid chest length and didn't really have many layers (I miss long hair - sob!)

2. I'm following the wash day method for wavy's but my hair seems to drop the curls I so lovingly caressed into my diffuser within about an hour. I've been using cantu curl creme on wet hair then plopping then mega hold gel then plopping again then diffusing but nothing seems to hold the curl - it's like my hair is eating the product - the only crunch I have to scrunch out is at the very ends and I have a lovely 'frizz halo'

3. I had to recently have my hair cut a lot shorter than I wanted as I'd wrecked the ends bleaching it (home ombre that looked great but the summer got to it!). I now can't tie it up for the gym / working out which I do pretty much daily and it's driving me crazy being in my face all the time. The hairdresser who cut it says she has 'loads' of curly haired clients but in my opinion it's a bit heavy and the lack of layers through the top is weighing it down - I think it was hard for her as she knows I wanted to keep as much length as possible but now it just feels really crazy and I hate it  :(  what can I do until it grows a little more. 

I'm super impatient and feel like I'm waiting for my twice weekly (ish - every 4 days) wash days for things to improve and they don't. I end up just tying up the top or giving up and wearing it like a messy bob with lots of volume (good) but not really any curl. 

I've added a couple of pictures to help this post make a little sense...I hope someone can help. 


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    Oh your hair has lots of potential! I’d say it’s 2b right now but don’t get hung up on hair type.
    what are all the products you are using including shampoo and conditioner?
    You might try a different styling method such as styling upright if you do it upside down or vice verse.
    try putting in products soaking wet or try it damp. I prefer soaking wet and gently scrunching the excessive water out. I do scrunch and pump.
    try air drying. Diffusing causes frizz for me and also softens the cast from gel. I would start with this suggestion first.
    also layers would help with the bulk and volume, just no thinning shears or razoring.

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    Thanks Brittany. I think I may need to go find a 'curly' hairdresser and ask for some layers to be put in as it's just completely unwearable right now. I will try air drying too just need something to wrap it in overnight that will stay on as I'm really active sleeper! 
    At the moment I use a light SLS free conditioner (boudicia?) as a co-wash then a really thick SLS free coconut conditioner as a conditioner after. Then cantu curl creme and a cheap supermarket gel after. 
    I just bought the cantu co-wash and a deep conditioner which i'm planning to use once a week and leave on for a good half an hour. 
    My hair just feels so dry when I scrunch the gel out? Maybe I should seal it with an oil before putting the curl cream on whilst it repairs? 
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    All of what you said is good. I'm just wondering if one of your products has silicone in it. It seems that a lot of people accidentally or purposefully use silicone and only use a sulfate free shampoo so they get product build up. Also be sure to clarify every so often with a sulfate to remove build up as this can make your hair dry. If you want to try oil, I very much enjoy mixing one or two drops of oil into my cream, that tends to ensure that my hair is evenly coated and it doesn't make my hair oily. Just a few thoughts.
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    It looks to me like you have build-up. I would clarify with a sulfate shampoo and see if that improves things. Many of us on the forum clarify with a sulfate occasionally. All products eventually build up on the hair, even Curly Girl-approved ones.
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    Just any shampoo containing SLS? What about silicones? Would they be in the shampoo? x 
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    Just any shampoo containing SLS? What about silicones? Would they be in the shampoo? x 
    Make sure the shampoo has sulfate, but does NOT have silicone.  There's a lot of drugstore shampoos out there that will work.  I use Aveda Peppermint and Rosemary shampoo, I think @Therese1 uses Bumble and Bumble Sunday shampoo.  But if those are not available to you, or if they cost too much, just go to your drugstore and read the labels. 
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    For drugstore options, you can try Neutrogena Anti Residue (this one is great but I had to buy it online). You can easily find Suave Daily Clarifying or V05 Kiwi Clarifying one. Both will work. The V05 one is less than a dollar in the US.

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