How can I deal with losing curl when styling hair/sleeping on hair?

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So it's been almost 2 weeks since I went curly girl. Before, I flat ironed and/or blow dried my hair almost every single day but now I don't use any heat styling at all. I definitely have some heat damage though.

So I'm still transitioning to CG, but I ALSO happen to be growing out a pixie cut which means I've been trying different hairstyles to try to hide the awkward stages. When I do these hairstyles (twists, half up dos, bobby pins, etc.), I seem to lose a lot of curl, and the only way to get it back in is to co-wash it and style it all over again. And when I sleep on my hair, it's so bad when I wake up that I have no choice but to restyled it all over. I would like to get to a point where I don't have to wash or co-wash my hair every single day. Does anyone have any advice or a similar problem?

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    Hey Michelle!

    I definitely had a similar problem at the very beginning of my curly girl journey! My best advice for you would be to use a scrunchie and put your hair into a "pineapple" ponytail at the very top of your head! This is something that helped me a lot! Other options are to get a curly hair silk scarf to protect those curls overnight! Silk pillowcases are also great to protect your hair & prevent frizz! Using these methods, I am able to wake up, let my hair down, and do a quick refresh! I use a combination of water, styling product, conditioner, and gel and gently scrunch that into my hair in the morning! It only takes a few minutes and my hair is set to go for the day! It is definitely something that takes time and practice to get down, but all these things have majorly helped me!

    I hope this was helpful! I have a youtube channel documenting my curly hair journey! I post videos with tips & tricks, & I'd love for you to check it out!

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    When I wear my hair up, whether it's with clips, bobby pins, or ponytail elastics, I too lose most of my wave and have to start over. This is why I generally wait until I'm ready to wash my hair before I do one of those hairstyles.

    Since you're growing out a pixie cut, I'm guessing that you don't have enough length to pineapple. Some forum members wear what is called a hair buff overnight. If you google "hair buff," you will see some examples. That might be the best way to try to preserve your curls overnight.

    I would just keep hanging in there until your hair is grown out a bit and you can get a haircut. Growing out a short cut can really be difficult when your hair is curly or wavy. 

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