Bad glycerin?

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Hi! I've been natural my whole life, but just started really caring for my hair. I started using glycerin a while back and it was like my holy grail. I would pour some into a spray bottle with water and shake as my L in the LOC/LCO method. If I put too much, it would get too sudsy/lathery and feel sticky. Now, I'm using a gallon of glycerin that's not doing anything for my hair and behaving differently. 

I can pour 3/4 glycerin into 1/4 water and the mixture won't feel sticky, look sudsy, or help my hair take in moisture. 

Did anyone else expereince glycerin behaving differently, not in their hair, but in their simple mixtures? I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch. 


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    Are you using it straight out of the jar. Once I mixed glycerine and water in a bottle and used it out of there until it started making my hair greasy. I looked closely at the water bottle one day and it had mildew all in it. Gross. Just a thought.
    ive never had glycerin be sudsy before though.
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    No, I mix it with water. If I leave it too long, it will get mildew for me too.  
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    There are different grades of glycerin, made from either vegetable matter or from animal sources.  Some is made from palm oil, some from different oils.  It could be that this particular batch is made differently than the other batches you've gotten.
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