Does Shea Moisture Curl line work for low porosity hair?

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Hi...I'm wondering if anyone with low porosity hair has had success with Shea Moisture Curl line products, specifically the shampoo and conditioner, curl smoothie, and Gel Souffle. Do you think these products will cause build up or over conditioning? 

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    Shea Moisture tends to be really heavy.  Low porosity hair tends to like it better.  The curl smoothing and souffle especially tend to cause problems.  (I haven't used these myself, just what I've read from others.)  If you want to try it, be sure to buy it from someplace that has a good return policy, like Target or Ulta.  That way you can take it back if it doesn't work for you.
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    I reallllly like their low-porosity line. My hair eats that conditioner up and feels so silky in the shower. My curls come out nice too. It's hard to find though. I usually have to order it online from Target.
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    I found their products built up on my hair too fast, even the low porosity line.  I personally prefer co-washing and had to clarify more often than I cared to with Shae Moisture.  
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