How to get the best out of type 2a/b hair?

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Hi, I’m new to naturally curly and would really appreciate some advice.
I have medium length type 2a/b hair that hasn’t been looking it’s best recently.
I’m not sure if it’s hard water or past product buildup, but my hair looks waxy (not greasy) from roots to ends after washing thouroughly. 
Conditioners, leave-ins and even Devacurl wavy products are weighing my hair down and making it look more flat and stringy.
Also to make things more complex, I use a special scalp shampoo from a trichologist. I calms my sensitive scalp well, but contains sulphates which I know aren’t allowed on the curly girl method.
On a good hair day, I have touchable loose waves that don’t frizz unless it’s really humidity.
Unfortunately, these past couple of months my hair has declined and I feel embarrassed to wear it down, so it always ends up in a bun.
I would be so grateful for any tips/ advice you may have on how to make the most of my natural hair and regain the confidence to wear it down!
best wishes :)

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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  We're so glad you've joined us. 

    I'm sorry your hair has been less than perfect. We all go through these cycles, so know you are not alone. 

    Did the change in your hair correspond with the new shampoo from your trichologist? 

    You might want to stop using leave-in conditioners for a while; many wavies find they are too heavy. 

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Welcome!   It sounds like build up, but since you use sulfate shampoo, it's more likely to be hard water build up.  You might want to get some Ion or Malibu hard water shampoo.  It'll be pretty rough on your hair, so do a good deep treatment afterwards. 

    Do you need to use your shampoo every wash?  I'm wondering if you could alternate with a cowash or low poo every other time.  Of course you need your scalp healthy, so don't do anything to compromise that.  Something else you could do is to do a pre-poo treatment by applying oil or conditioner to the lengths of your hair, then shampoo, and try to keep the shampoo only on your scalp. 
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