At a hair loss for words.

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Hello everyone. I am a performing arts student finding it very hard caring for my hair. I'm experiencing allergic reactins on my scalp with kanekalon extensions and hair breakage due to dryness. Wearing my hair out is not an option because my hair has only ever reached bra strap length in the back and chin length on the sides. The mid crown area barely reaches my ears and my bangs are longer in the center of my forehead, so I have a widows peak look. The back of my hair is straight even though heat has not touched it since 2014. I've also noticed that type 4hair is supposed to shrink but my hair (especially in the back) has not been shrinking up tightly anymore. Could this be a change in hair texture for me? I also live in the Toronto area if anyone could reccomend a good stylist that deals with stule messy type 4 hair it would be appreciated. Because i live in such a diverse area thete aren't many salons that cater to kinky hair. Sorry for the typos and run on sentences I'm suffring from insomnia due to stress for my hair.


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    Hi there!  I can't help with your hair problems, but you should check out Curl Bar in Toronto.  I'm in Calgary so I've never been there, but I do order products from them.  I'll bet they could help you with cuts and treatments. 

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