New to the CG method, having an hard time finding products

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Hello, I'm new to the CG method and I'm having an hard time finding the right products or advices online. I live in italy, but I'm now spending a semester in Melilla with the Erasmus program. Melilla is a spanish city situated in Morocco, so it's even harder to find products. 
I started the method around two months ago, and even if I'm seeing improvement in my hair pattern, I'm having a lot of difficulty mantaining my hair frizz-free and finding the right products: I still have not found a gel and a deep conditioning/leave in conditioner.
I wanna buy some products via amazon, hoping that they can send them to my location, and I was hoping to find some advice here. I think my hair is a 2b/2c wavy hair, stll have to figure out the porosity, but it's very thick and dense. The main problem I'd like to fix at the moment is the frizz, since i'm now living in a city with 90% humidity all year round basically, but I also need some advice on volume, gels and conditioning. Every little bit of help is highly apprecieted!
Thank you very much :)


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    Welcome!  I have no idea what products you can get or where, but maybe someone else will have some ideas.  You don't really need a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner.  For a DT, you can use your regular conditioner and add a little oil, honey, maybe some aloe gel.  For a leave in, just use your regular conditioner as it is, or add a bit of water to thin it out.
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    I don’t live in Italy, but you can try making DIY flaxseed gel. Apparently it is super easy to make and a very good product that people rave about.
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    Great advice, ladies!

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    You are beautiful!
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    A spray bottle with water to add moisture.
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