What am I doing wrong???

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Hi wavy ladies! I am so frustrated with my hair, I’m seriously considering throwing in the towel.

My hair is probably 2C, coarse, thick, and high porosity. I’ve color treated my hair for many  many years, and it’s about down to my hips now. I’ve been doing CG for about eight months, and I don’t know what else to try. I’m so frustrated.

Ive tried pre-pooing with coconut oil, and then castor oil, and then almond oil before low-pooing and conditioning. I’ve tried cowashing with occasional clarifying. I’ve tried the LOC method, I’ve tried LCEG, I’ve tried just using creams, just using gels, and the result is still a tangly, dense, frizzy hunk of limp curls. I can see my hair spiraling around itself, but it just seems to be barely wavy in parts.  My current routine is cowash with VO5 conditioner, squish to condish, and then Kinky Curly Knot Today as detangler/leave in. Then I flip my hair over and detangle with a comb forever, until my arm, neck, and scalp hurt, then I give up on that. Recently I’ve been following up with Cantu Curl Activator, then EcoGel with argan oil, then LA Looks Sport Gel. I scrunch and pump, wrap it in a t shirt, and go to sleep. It usually takes 12 hours to dry enough to be socially acceptable, 18 hours to dry completely. I don’t use heat.

i also clarify about every other week, and do a deep conditioner. I’ve tried SheaMoisture JCBO DC, I’ve tried Hask Keratin Mask, I’ve tried various homemade concoctions, and the result always seems to be the same. In desperation I tried using Aphogee Two Step, and it seemed to make my hair less elastic, but has not improved the appearance. I have also switched to using semi-permanent hair dyes (I’ve tried oVertone, Manic Panic, and Adore so far) and have not used permanent dye on my hair since beginning CG. Also, the picture is representative of what it always looks like, regardless of what I do.



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    Here are some more pics from various angles if it helps:

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    The second-last picture is what my hair looks like when I have build-up and protein overload.

    What are you clarifying with?

    It sounds to me like your hair is low porosity and not high, since the drying time is so long. Low-porosity hair usually does better with sulfate-free shampoo rather than co-washing. Conditioner can sit on top of low-porosity hair, which can create a greasy look after you've just washed your hair.

    I would recommend clarifying with a sulfate (or will that harm your color?) and then switching to a protein-free regimen for a couple of weeks to see if things improve. When looking at product labels, be careful of hidden proteins, such as grain extracts. I would do deep conditioning with a protein-free conditioner--your hair might not be able to absorb the conditioner during the short time you are in the shower. I would try 15 minutes or so to start.
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    I think @Therese1 gave you some good information.  I really like your hair in the bottom picture!  The other ones look oily - or maybe your hair is still wet?  But maybe back off the oils a bit.  They can be difficult to remove, especially if you're cowashing.
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    @Therese1 Thanks for the suggestions... I'm willing to try literally anything at this point.  I don't think my hair is low porosity though... it's very bumpy along the shaft, it absorbs product pretty readily, and before the Aphogee treatment, it was stretchier than a pair of leggings.  But, let's see if a no-protein diet on it works!  I'm currently clarifying with Suave Clarifying which has sulfates... not awesome for the color, but life is full of compromises.

    @Guide 65 It's both still at "socially acceptable" wet (I'd say about 50% dry, no longer dripping but very damp to the touch) and has a gel cast still on it in every pic but the bottom.
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    High porosity hair particularly damaged hair can take a long time to dry too. I would add, try applying and styling your hair upright. Don’t flip your head over at all. This creates tangles for me so I choose not to do it.

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