will my hair go full on curly?

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ok y’all, so let me fill you in. my mother has 3b-3c tight thick curls (judging from pictures because she straightens it everyday) and my dad has straight/wavy hair. i would love to have curls like my moms but they’re not really there. when i was born i had mostly straight hair and between ages 6-10 i had wavy hair, in between 2a and 2b. then at the age of 10 i started straightening my hair up until june 2018 (so about 4 years) so i have no idea what my hair was like during that time. all i know is that when i went swimming or let my hair air dry, it was frizzy. now, my hair is straight at the roots, wavy in the shaft, and little curls at the ends. is there a possibility of my hair going curly in my late teens? i started puberty at 11 and i’m 14 now. i’m really hoping i get curls- i love them.


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    It's really hard to say what your hair is going to do.  But based on your avatar, you have really pretty hair right now!  It looks so shiny and healthy. 
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    Probably your hair can still be more curly as you age, i see some people having a pin straight hair when they're younger then it changes to wavy and curly hair when they got older. My advice to you is take care of your hair as it is right now looking at your picture it seems that your hair ranges from 2a-2b wavy hair 

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