How to tighten your curl pattern? Finger coiling doesn't work?!

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Hi Guys!
I was born with tight 3b ringlets, and I had them up until I was about 15 when my hair became out of control as I didn't know how to maintain them back then (7 years ago). Then I started straightening the crap out of them. I started my curl hair journey at the end of May this year. I've seen tones of improvement already but I'm struggling to see the tight ringlets I once had! I consider my hair type to be 2c/3a. To me there seems to be a huge jump in difference between 3a to 3b curls.. I understand your head of hair can be made up of loads of types but my main goal now is to tighten up my curls.

Is their any products or methods that you recommend for tightening your curl pattern? I've tried finger coiling to see if that would help with definition and tightness, BUT I always find that it can pull my curl pattern straighter rather than making it curl tighter? Does anyone else experience that when finger coiling?


I always use Cantu define and shine custard as it holds the curl tighter for longer and it's light in my hair so it doesn't way down my curls either (I have very fine hair..) and the Cantu curl activate cream, as it's super light as well. I always defuse my hair as well on a low heat because I find it drys the curl tighter too...

Any advice would be great! Am I just being impatient and I need to wait until my hair is healthier before it starts to tighten? Or is there a product that can help? Thanks!!

My hair after one week of CG :

My hair a month ago:


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    What an awesome transformation you've had since May! Your curls look beautiful and healthy, and that's the best thing working for you. Speaking from personal experience, it might take a while longer for your hair to figure out what it's doing. I'd say the problem you're having is that your hair is still transitioning and there may be still some damaged portions in your hair that are creating the looser curl patterns. When I first started to transition, my hair was so incredibly damaged that I had basically 2b-3b curls/waves in portions of my hair with some areas that were stick straight because of left over relaxers and straightening damage. Now, I have 3c/4a hair. It took over a year for me to start to see the ringlet curls again. 

    In the meantime, the products you're using may not make that much of a difference in tightening your curls as most products just "define" the curl you already have. Maybe try flexi-rods. If you wrap the hair around the rod tight enough and let it sit,  it might give you the tighter curl pattern you're looking for. Hope this helps! 

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    Wow, your hair is gorgeous!  Such a huge difference!  You could try a salt spray for curlier curls.  But be careful because it can dry out your hair if you use it too much.  And you're not alone with the finger curls making your hair straighter.  I have to curl in the right direction if I do that.  If I don't, then I just get straight hair.
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    Thanks girls! This gives me a bit of reassurance that I'm on the right track! Yeah it's pretty crazy how my hair has transformed so quickly already. I didn't think about coiling in the right direction - didn't realise there was a direction to coil in! I'll give it another try. I've just splashed out on some DevaCurl products as well, maybe that will hold my curls tighter and better?! 
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    I use a combo of AG Re:Coil and Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper on dripping wet hair, plop briefly, then diffuse on no heat.  I have fine,thin hair and these two products layers really make my curls pop.  
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