How do i get my curls back without cutting?

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I recently straightened my hair for my school pictures, i used heat protectant but i know the heat was on high. I was planning on washing my hair that same day but decided to wear it straight for the rest of the week (i never straighten my hair) when i finally washed it on sunday i noticed some of my hair in the front was completely straight, i washed it the next day and the same thing, i then noticed that the rest of my curls were much looser than they were. I used a damaged hair repair mask one day and washed it out and didn’t notice a difference then the next day i did a deep conditioning mask and i still haven’t noticed anything. I never straighten my hair so i was really shocked that this happened i really don’t want to cut my hair but i want my curls back, what should i do? what products should i use? 

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    First wash your hair with a sulfate shampoo with no silicone in it. You can get these cheap if you don't have one already. V05 or Suave have clarifiers. Then follow up with your deep conditioner. Style as usual and see if they are back. If not, next wash day, wash your hair and do a DIY gelatin protein treatment if you are not protein sensitive (if you are, you may consider ignoring this). Then follow up with a deep conditioner. Style as normal and see if they are back. It's a matter of just seeing what is helping vs not. Sometimes it takes a while so I wouldn't panic yet.
    Edit: You don't have to do a DIY gelatin just some sort of strong protein treatment. The DIY is my personal favorite but not an end all protein treatment.


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    This is what they looked like 3 weeks ago 

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