Good Quality Headscarf?

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I've been using the pineapple method but it doesn't work for me because of how thick and long my hair is. I'm in the UK, does anyone use a silk headscarf? If so, where did you get it from? I can't seem to find any!

I use a silk pillowcase but that doesn't seem to help, I get bad frizz at the back of my head.... lol.


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    Hello KerrBearrxo - lately I've been using a Buff for sleeping.  It's a microfiber tube, and, at a minimum, you can order from Amazon.  

    For sleeping: 
    1.)  I make the tube skinny (meaning scrunch it down so that it's not tall) and pull it over my head so that it's around my neck (while standing up straight).  Then, pull all of your hair out of the ring of the tube.  
    2.)  Then flip your head over so that all of your hair is hanging upside down.
    3.)  Hold the bottom of the tube at the base of your hair line at the back, then pull the top of the tube over the rest of your hair (make sure to hold on to the part of the tube at the bottom so that you don't just pull the whole thing off).  
    4.)  With that description, you're basically pulling a tube of microfiber over your hair.  You may still have hair sticking out (the ends of your hair are longer than the tube).  If so, switch your hands to holding the top of the tube as you flip your head back up.  Then tuck the remainder of your hair into the top of the tube.  
    5.)  Voila!  Sleep.  
    My hair comes out way better in the morning when doing this versus the pineapple.  

    There are videos on YouTube of people who will demonstrate what I've tried to type above.  Maybe search on "Buff for curly hair".  

    Hope it helps!

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