Never been so happy with my hair!

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I just wanted to take a minute to say that I have never been so happy with or about my hair! I am 40 (can’t believe I just put that in writing!) and have always worn my hair curly. It was always a lovely 90’s stringy messy undefined curly look though. Just this past May I really committed to going CG, conditioning well and often and paying attention to treating my hair right and spending more time on it. I have never loved my hair this much EVER! It’s so much more curly than I really knew, it looks more healthy then ever before, it feels amazing and people compliment me on it which feels great! Not gonna lie! I do have frustrations with it at times but the benefits outweigh all of that!  I really appreciate this site and those who have helped me so far! I’ll update my profile pic soon as the current one doesn’t reflect my hair changes. Can’t wait for the future! 


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    Yay!  So happy for you!  It feels so good when you're hair looks good! 
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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