Really rough transition to the method! Is it okay to go product free?

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Hey curlies! I've had a really rough transition. I'm 7 weeks into the CGM and my hair is so over moisturized. I have type 2b, low porosity, fine hair. 

Would it be really detrimental to my curl pattern to go product free for a few days to a week? I'm feeling really overwhelmed and defeated by the method right now. My hair has always hated moisturizing products and since I started the Method I've been conditioning a lot and the products I've been experimenting with leave my hair gloopy, oily and yucky! I don't know what to do. 

I ordered Curl Junkie's Repair Me, it should arrive tomorrow but I read so many horror stories about how misusing protein can cause so many long term problems. I'm a little scared to try it. I have relatively healthy hair. It isn't broken with fly aways. It's never been color treated or been subjected to chemicals. I really don't want to damage my hair. 

My hair is limp, it can't support it's curl pattern. It gets oily within hours of co washing or low-pooing. It's gloopy after using products like curl enhancers and gels. 

Please help! I'm so lost and sad with my hair. 

I'm using Deva Curl Delight Low Poo and one conditioner. 
As I Am Coconut Co Was once to twice between low-poos.

I'm using the LCEG Method: my L is a little DC one condish, C is DC super cream, E is B;Leave in, and G is arc angel

I plop from 5 to 15 minutes then either air dry or diffuse.

I'm using a little Jessi Curl Awe Inspiralizing Spray and Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz to refresh. 

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    Add a clarifying shampoo to your routine.

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    Styling: Living Proof In-Shower Styler with Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel Stronger Hold
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    Nothing wrong with going product free if you think it would help! 

    It seems like you're using a lot of leave in products - 4 is more than most use.  Have you tried cutting back?  Maybe just a leave in conditioner and gel?  Or even skip the leave in and use gel alone? 

    And don't worry about over-proteining your hair.  It's not a horrible thing - it just looks not great until you get your balance back.  You're already using a protein-heavy lineup with all those Deva products.  Have you considered that you might have too much protein?  Too much can cause your hair to feel over-moisturized on some people.  But now I'm probably confusing you even more!  I would suggest to try the Repair Me and see how it works.  If it's the same or worse, then consider reducing all the protein products and switch out two or three with non-protein products, maybe even go completely no-protein for a wash or two or three. 
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    I would clarify with a sulfate shampoo and then start over. I have the same hair type as you: 2b, fine, low po. I use a low poo 75% of the time and a sulfate poo 25% of the time, to get rid of build-up.

    As @Guide 65 suggested, your problem might be too much protein since you have low-po hair. My hair gets overmoisturized from too much protein, which is not a super-common reaction but exists (most people's hair gets really dry and brittle). As she noted, Deva products are already very protein rich, so you might be overdoing it. 

    When I overdo protein, I do get the greasy-hair look not long after washing. It is because the conditioner sat on top of the hair instead of absorbing into the hair shaft (the protein made the hair cuticle so tight that the conditioner had a hard time getting in). What I do in this case is clarify with a sulfate, and then I deep condition with a protein-free conditioner. (If you don't deep condition, the conditioner will sit on top of your hair; it needs more time to absorb.) Watch out for hidden proteins like grain extracts and kelp extract. I leave the conditioner on my hair for 15 minutes and then rinse out. Then I style as usual, with all protein-free products. I would skip the leave-in after deep conditioning.

    I like to diffuse on high heat when I have protein overload, because heat helps open the cuticle so product can absorb.

    After a couple of weeks of not using any protein, your hair should start to look better if this is the issue.
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    DC Super Cream is very heavy so I would eliminate that first. In fact, when I went for my second DevaCut last week, I asked a lot of questions about products. She said she very rarely uses Super Cream on any of her clients.

    If you think you need a leave in conditioner which you actually may not, she suggested I use a very small amount of the DC Decadence Leave In. Although you might think it’s too heavy, she’s getting good results.

    As far as styling, I’m using a mixture of 1/3 B’Leave-in and 2/3 Ultra Defining Gel. I have 3A fine hair.
    3A fine, normal porosity
    No specific products as of yet—still trying to figure out what works for my hair 

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