Transitioning and new here ! Need help defining curl type

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So I have been transitioning for a year and just had a baby which messed up my hair. I believe I have 3c or 4a hair but I’m not sure and would love to know so I can use the right products to fix my hair ! Would you be able to help me ? 


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    Welcome!  Beautiful curls hiding under there!  I would guess it's a 3C.  But the curl type doesn't really matter.  What matters more is your porosity, density (how thick the hair grows on your scalp) and coarseness (whether the individual strands are fine or coarse).

    If you don't know those qualities, try taking the texture quiz. 

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  • DevaritaDevarita Posts: 2Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    Thank you ! It helped me tremendously !

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