Please Help With Deva Cut Anxiety!

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Hey everyone :)

I'm a 2b wavy who has gotten back into CGM over the year. I was CGM several years ago but took a break from it when I chopped all my hair off into a pixie mohawk. After that, I had one side wavy (about to my chin) and the other side buzzed. It's grown out quite a bit now and it DESPERATELY needs to be cut. I've got split ends for days and it is, of course, super uneven.

I'm usually pretty chill about haircuts. I've never felt any anxiety about dramatic changes or been particularly worried about retaining length. For some reason, though, I'm finding myself VERY anxious about my first DevaCut, which is on September 12.

Confession time: I chose this stylist because she offers Deva Cuts at a price I can afford. She is a level 1 stylist and her website says she specializes in curly hair. Her Instagram has a balance of straight and wavy/curly cuts, all of which look good but none of which just blow me away, if I'm being honest. She has no reviews on the Devachan salon finder. I feel like I keep reading nightmare stories of Deva Cuts gone bad, especially when done by level 1 stylist. One story even mentioned "razoring" which is a phrase that makes me shudder.

I've also discovered that my hair HATES glycerin and other humectants in the summer (I live in the southeastern US and it's humid here for more than 50% of the year). My stylist uses Deva products, which tend to have glycerin high up on their ingredient lists, and I'm worried I'm going to leave the salon as a puff ball if she uses them on me. I don't have a problem being honest with her about this but I don't think she has other CG friendly products available. Is it massively rude to bring my own products? Should I just suck it up since the styling portion is so temporary? I've been leaning toward the latter but I'd appreciate your opinions.

I would appreciate any advice you have about communicating clearly with my stylist and/or what to say/do if she comes at my hair with a razor (or an equally evil curly hair sin). I have a feeling that shrieking "NO!!" is not the diplomatic option here. What do you do if you're sold a Deva Cut, but that's not what the stylist appears to be delivering?


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    Have you searched for the stylist here on NC?  
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    Just keep in mind that it'll grow back!  I've never in my life felt anxiety about haircuts until I started wearing my hair curly.  It's such a different experience now! 

    For products, I'd be inclined to just let her use what she wants, but be prepared to go home and hide out if it looks bad.  The styling is only temporary, and I've heard so much about stylists not knowing how to style.  But as long as the cut is good, the styling doesn't matter much.  Just don't plan an important meeting or fancy dinner afterwards.

    You really want the curl clumps to be cut bluntly, not chopped up or razored or whatever.  So many stylists like to break up the edges, so you need to tell her you don't want that.
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    How did it go?

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