Why does my hair become curly after spraying a salt spritz?

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My hair is normally a 2A wavy, becomes a 2C curly though after I spray salt spritz on my hair.

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    From https://www.xojane.com/beauty/hair/the-science-behind-beach-hair
    "Amino acid chains form the cortex of the hair, much like a drawing of DNA, they are two coiled columns held together by hydrogen and salt bonds, or side bonds. These physical bonds are easily changed to create a style. Salt and hydrogen bonds represent two-thirds of the hair’s overall strength, and they are responsible for curl pattern and style. Side bonds like these harden as hair is dried or cooled, and a style is born! As the hair dries, the extra salt reaches the cuticle layer, forming more microscopic fibers between cells, and curls or coils form much easier. Hydrogen bonds are weak physical bonds that are broken by water and heat. This is how curling irons and flat irons work, and this is also why blow drying works so well. Roller sets (the little old lady kind) are also a stellar example of how any hair can have a super-tight coil if it is completely dried and cooled on a curler. These are the bonds of everyday styling. 

    Salt bonds are also weak physical bonds, but not quite as easily broken as hydrogen. After all, hydrogen is a single atom, and salt is NaCl or sodium chloride--two atoms! These bonds are broken by changes in pH. 

    The pH of hair and skin is around 5. This is fairly acidic. For example, water is about 7, hair color is about 9, and household ammonia is 11. Overly acidic or alkaline substances open up the hair cuticle, allowing changes in the salt bonds present in the cortex.

    This is how sea salt spray enters the hair and creates temporary extra "strength" for your hairstyle. The salt bonds reform when the pH of your hair lowers back to a nice dry 5"

    So basically, using a salt water spray makes your hair curlier because it temporarily strengthens the bonds that hold together the amino acids that make up the cortex of the hair. Salt also draws moisture out of things and causes them to shrivel up.

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    Salt sprays are generally curl enhancers. I think it is because the salty water, once it dries, forms a bit of a crunchy cast on the outside of the hair, which gives the curl more structure.
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