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Ok, I’m starting to get frustrated here…….what the heck does coloring do to your hair?????

I posted yesterday, that I thought the herbal sealer that was used on my hair after coloring had tightened the cuticle too much & now moisture couldn’t get into my hair…..

So, today I did a strong ACV rinse & then shampooed it twice with baby shampoo – sulfates and all.

It’s a little better today, but my hair is still not soaking up the conditioner like it was before it got colored.

She uses permanent coloring on my hair, then used the herbal sealer to smooth down the cuticle.

Any ideas on what is happening in the coloring process and what I can do to get my hair back to how it was before it was colored???

And not coloring is not an option, because I have way too much gray……..

There has to be some way that I can continue to get it colored and keep my hair hydrated. Ugh!!! Any other ideas?


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    I read in another thread that when you use baking soda, it opens up the cuticle, and that is good before doing a deep treatment so your hair will "soak" up the treatment. In fact I am trying it today, I have a Deep treatment in my hair right now. HTH.
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    I've read the coloring "fills in" the cuticle which is why coloring your hair sometimes seems to make it feel thicker or give it more body. I would imagine that does block the penetration of conditioners somewhat....I wouldn't think you would want to use clarifiers and things to open the cuticle as that would probably fade your color faster.

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