Hair Breaking Badly, Too Much Shea Butter, Glycerin or Protein?

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Hello, This is my first post, but I've been a long time reader of Naturally Curly and lurker of Curltalk.

I have 3b - 3c-ish curls with what I believe is high porosity hair. I have some fine to medium coarse hair. I haven't dyed or chemically treated my hair in years. I'm just letting my silver hair grow in. 

The LOC method has worked well for me in the past. I live in the Pacific NW so it is rainy/humid for 8 months out of the year. But in the summers, I seem to always have some hair breakage when it gets hot and dry. I am pretty sure it's from moisture loss, but I don't know if I need protein or if I have too much of it in my daily products. I think that my hair does well in the Fall, Winter and Spring, but in Summer it breaks off and I never seem to get length. Though, I must admit, it's not been ideal, it's still on the dry side. 

My understanding is that you don't want glycerin in dry weather or it will strip your hair of moisture. Ugh! I think this may be what is causing my hair breakage this time. All the work to keep my hair strong, breaking in just a matter of weeks.  I went to the beach (60 % humidity) and used Cantu Curl Activator in my LOC method and I had the best curls in my hair in a long time. It looked healthy and wonderful. Then, I came home from the beach and continued using it not remembering the glycerin—and now my hair is breaking all over the place! *facepalm* It's so hard to keep all the products straight. What's working when and what's not.  

Now I need to do some damage control and I recently read that shea butter and coconut oil isn't good for your hair—that it can prevent moisture from getting in? I would think if you have moisture, then they would just seal it in, right?  But I think I have high porosity hair according to the online information and quiz I took. So I'm kind of at a loss for what products I should be using now to save my hair.

My usual routine Fall/Winter/Spring before this breakage (it seemed to be working, no breakage though maybe leaning dry. All have shea butter!):
POO: Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo
DC: SM Manuka Honey Mafura oil Masque (I use this every time I wash, but didn't use it the last few weeks because I was out, this may be contributing to my breakage as well)
LEAVE-IN: Usually alternate between SM Curl & Style Milk and SM JBCO. (I started using the Cantu Curl Activator last Fall and Winter and it was wonderful!)
SEAL: Jojoba oil, SM Curling Smoothie

My routine just before and during breakage (that I believe contributed to breakage):
Shea Moisture Detox and Refresh Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner. (Since I ran out of my DC I borrowed my husband's poo and condit. to try out. Cleaned well, but had no protein. Shea butter high on ingredient list...could this have caused breakage?)
DC: I didn't DC for the last 2-3 weeks! (probably caused breakage since I wasn't DCing!)
LEAVE-IN  Cantu Curl Activator (it's been hot and dry the last few weeks. Glycerin attack caused breakage?)
Seal: SM Curling Smoothie

So I think this last routine did me wrong. 

I decided to buy the SM High Porosity Masque and hoping it will help me. I did a deep conditioning with it twice this week. Does anyone have an opinion on this line? I'm thinking of trying their Co-Wash. Though I've never converted to COWash as I just use the SM JBCO poo.

I also purchased the Camile Rose Curl Maker hoping to get some moisture in my hair since it has a lot of aloe juice in it, but it also has coconut oil! I have had good luck with coconut oil in the past, but didn't use it this time due to what I read. I don't want to create a bigger issue. I did an olive oil mask overnight last night instead. 

I'm still having some breakage. How long does it take before one sees breakage stop? Will the SM High Porosity Masque help my breakage?

I am hoping to get some input on products that will halt hair breakage. It's pretty bad, I'm seeing 1-3 inch pieces snapping off. All over my bathroom floor. *crying*  I don't want to cut my hair off, but the ends have thinned pretty badly. :(  I do trims every other month and I really want hair growth. So will damage control help save me from doing a complete chop?

Thank you in advance for any advice. 

Pictures show my hair after shampooing with Dr Bronner's Castille Soap Peppermint, SM High Porosity Masque, Camille Rose Curl Maker.  

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