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My name is Maria. Im 22 years old and Im a baby in the "natural world". I've come to realize my hair is a mix (mostly wavy with some curl). Also its thin and these past few months has been breaking off when I comb it. I need help 
. products that will make it grow back+ strengthen the follicles
. products for my hair type
. how to diffuse properly ( have 0 idea how to do that)
 Thank you so much !!! Hope someone can get back to me ASAP. 😊


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    Welcome!  If you tell us more about your hair (porosity, density, strand thickness) and what your products and routine is now, we can give you better help.

    When you diffuse, use low heat, low speed and lots of patience!  You will move your hair as little as possible, and move the diffuser as little as possible.  Stand in one position for a good long time - 3-5 minutes perhaps.  You can cup your hair inside the diffuser bowl and gently push the bowl towards your scalp, or just place the diffuser against or slightly away from your head and just stand there and wait.
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    You can also take a multivitamin and live a healthy lifestyle to encourage stronger hair growth. Also deep conditioning once a week is essential and will help with breakage.
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    There are tons of great articles here, so you've definitely come to the right place! :) When I was new, I spent a lot of time searching and reading articles here. I still do that sometimes when something new for me comes up. You mentioned breakage when you comb. It might be helpful to only detangle when your hair is saturated with conditioner. That seems to work for a lot of us to prevent breakage. Pineappling your hair at night can cut down how many times you need to detangle also. For me, I just use my hands to detangle. I haven't owned a brush in years!  :D
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