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My daughter is 6yr and has 4b hair . She loves her hair but is picky about it. She’s also special needs. She wont let me braid it or wear any kind of protective style . She likes it up in a Puff all the time. She does wear a cap at night without issue. 

Our current routine is I wash and detangle it once a week. My issue is detangling. Her hair  gets matted ? very easily . She will have these large clumps of hair that’s 20-30 strands all clumped together. It’s almost impossible to detangle it and I end up pulling at it more then anything else.

Can somebody suggest a better method of detangling (currently using conditioner ) it a better routine/products to use. Should be doing somthing daily instead of weekly?



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    Have you tried a detangling product?  Kinky Curly Knot Today is a leave in conditioner, and it has excellent slip to help get the knots out.  Deva Curl just came out with a detangler too. 

    You might want to do some light finger detangling through the week, concentrating more on the underside than the top.  It'll make the hair poofy, but you can finish it with a little water/conditioner mix to make it settle down.  The water/conditioner is also good for remoisturizing between washings.
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    Deva's detangler has superior slip to Knot Today. I highly recommend it.
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