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I did the hair quiz and come out with 3a but looks like 3b to me. I have attached pictures you below the product I have in my hair at the time of the pictures was shea moisture curl enhancment smoothie. I dont really know much about but I want to have my curls more like a 3c if anyone has any suggestion I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you 


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    Welcome!  It looks like 3A to me.  It might curl tighter as it gets longer, or it could loosen up.  You can try a product with salt in it to get the curl tighter.  It's drying though, so maybe not every day.  Look for something that says "beach" or "beachy" - that usually indicates it uses salt of some kind.
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    Thank you for the advice and my hair when it gets longer the curls get bigger and not as tight but I will try the salt advice. Hopefully it gives me the results I been longing for 

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