Hi! new here and need some help with products

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First of all sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker  :)

My name is Aly and I'm trying CG method for a few weeks now. I think that i'm getting nice results so far because i used to wear my hair like this for a loooong time.

I blow-dryed it, no brush or styling products, than made a bun to smooth my hair and eliminate frizz (bun or braid for an hour or so did its job).

Then a few weeks ago I went to the sea for a couple of days and this happened

I thought wow, I used to have hair like this when i was a kid and it would be nice to get this waves back. I guess it happened because of very high level of humidity at that area and my dry hair just needed moisture. It looked so healthy, smooth and shiny instead of dry and poofy as usual so i decided to try a shampoo for curly hair to begin with. tried to find something on the internet, what and where to buy, but found CGM instead :smile:

I did a haircut to get rid of dyed damaged ends, changed my routine, stoped using brush and heat and this is my fourth or fifth wash (sulfate-silicone-and-all-this-stuff-free)

I consider this as a good hair day. i used sulfate-free shampoo, silicone-free deep conditioner with heating cap and styling gel, sqiush technique.
I guess I'm 2c/3a

the problem is that I washed my hair next time and other next time with the same products and technique and the result was much worse. there is no volume, by the end of the day hair looks flat and becomes more straight at the roots. May be the gel I use is too heavy for my hair? may be it would be better to use cream (or creme? don't know how to spell :smile: )

Another problem is that I live in russia :smiley: and there is no such thing as "curly hair shelf" at a drugstore. really, finding a sulfate free shampoo was a challenge.
So i wanted help with my products. I'm considering buying shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and styler at amazon or another internet shop which ships to russia. But shipping sometimes costs as much as the product itself or even more (about $20-25). I haven’t figured out yet if amazon ships to russia and how much it costs but i can use ebay (it's easy, the only thing that makes me doubt - what if the product is fake?)

Soo may be you can give me some advice which products to try for my hair. I'd really love to try Shea Moisture but there are so many options, I'm lost :smile:
The hardest to choose is styler. Gel or milk? or creme? which exactly? Important thing: I can't afford to experiment much because of how mush a product will cost considering shipping. And i'll have to wait for about a month to get my purchase. I know that it's almost impossible for your first product to be perfect, I just want to narrow down the choice. So i need some help from wavy and curly gurus :wink:

Thank you and nice to meet you all!


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    Your hair is gorgeous. You may consider the DIY route since you live in Russia. Can you try DIY flaxseed gel? In my opinion, shampoo and conditioner and deep conditioners rarely affect how my hair looks. It's in the stylers.
    The one thing that the CGM does not tell you is that many people experience build up and need to use a sulfate clarifying shampoo. Normally if you are using the same amount of products and styling the same but get different results it's because of build up. If you think this may be the case just buy a sulfate shampoo that doesn't have silicone and use that once a month or as needed.
    As to what kind of styler you use, it's up to you. Which one do you like the most? Creams are moisturizing but sometimes lack hold. Gels provide hold against humidity and keep curls in tact for longer. If you like both, try a cream-gel. I would recommend staying away from Shea Moisture stylers (the shampoos, conditioners, and masques are usually good, but their stylers are not the best). I hope this helps some; it's frustrating to not have many options available to you.
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    @BrittanyM Thank you for your answer!
    I tried flax seed gel first and the thing is it's still hard for me to understand how my hair react - is it a good result or it could be better? I don't know how my hair may or should behave ) That's why I decided to try something from the store to compare with, I didn't get much different result with store gel though.
    I'd like to try different formula, something lightweight and with decent hold. Thanks for the advice about Shea Moisture stylers, I'll look in different direction as well

    Yeah, it occurred to me that bad results might be because of build up and I washed my hair with my regular sulfate-free shampoo mixed with vitamin C powder, i guess it's better now. The thing I didn't think about was that build up could appear so fast (in 1-2 weeks) cause I don't use huge amount of product
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    Build up depends on your hair porosity. Low porosity tends to experience build up really easily. As far as if your hair could be better, I feel the same way about almost every products. I am always looking for the one that is amazing. But as long as you like your hair, continue to use the products you have until you use it up and want to try something new.
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    Welcome to Curl Talk!  You have such pretty hair - it reminds me a lot of @socurls.  But I think she's in France, so she won't be able to help much with products. But maybe European brands will be easier for you to find than American brands.

    I would suggest starting with a gel.  That's the main styling product suggested for the CG method, and I think most curlies use gel instead of curling creams or other products.  I don't know what to suggest for brands.  Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel is a great gel, but it'll be expensive.
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    @Guide 65 thank you!

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