Good cut, bad styling

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I think I've finally found a stylist that is able to give me a pretty good cut. I have gone to this stylist twice and actually liked how my hair turned out both times. No pyramid hair, no weird layers curling up around my ears and he is pretty open to what I want.

The only problem is, he really cannot style my hair. My hair is pretty straight and poufy at the end of the appointment. I want to be able to see what my hair looks like when styled my way so that he can make final tweaks to the haircut. He agrees, but doesn't really know how to get the waves back in my hair. He's tried scrunching in curl cream, spraying it, shaking it and twirling it. The only way I know how to get the curl back in my hair is to wash, scrunch with microfibre towel and air dry- that is all I do with my hair.  However, that would take way too long at the salon.  I suppose at the salon, I can diffuse, but so far diffusing hasn't really worked for me (maybe I just need practice). Any advice?  Do any of you style your own hair at the salon?

I know it would ideal to find someone who specializes in curly hair, but I am honestly tired of trying new salons right now after having a different stylist pretty much every year since my high school years. The curly hair salons are far away and very expensive.
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    You could wash and style yourself and then sit under a hood dryer if he has one.  It should dry like air drying, only faster.  Or you could make a second appointment for the next day just for him to tweak the cut. 

    Even though my stylist has had Deva training and specializes in curls, the first few times I went to her she did an awful job at styling.  The last time though it turned out pretty good.  Sometimes stylists just need some time to get to know your hair and how it responds.  If you're getting a good cut, it might be worth it to keep going. 
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    Honestly, I just tell my stylist not to style my hair or add products. It's a ton of trouble which is why I procrastinate getting a trim (oh hello there 3rd split end I've found today). I usually go to the salon the day after I wash and condition my hair but right before i clarify with a sulfate shampoo in case my stylist finds my hair hard to work with and adds a who knows what product. I just let it air dry and do heatless waves or curls until my next wash day. Once I style in my wash and go, I then make any adjustments myself if needed. I know this isn't ideal for everyone, but I am in the same boat of being frustrated of having no curly hair salons within a reasonable distance.
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    Thanks for your input :smile:
    I will have to ask about the hooded dryer.

    I have basically been leaving the salon with what looks like brushed out, unstyled hair- I think my stylist cares more about how it looks than I do ("are you sure you want to leave... now? :D"). The problem is there are usually at least some tweaks necessary after I wash it and I usually have to go back. I feel bad because I don't want my stylist feeling like he did a bad job. I wish I knew  how to make adjustments myself but I do not trust myself with those scissors  :D
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