mostly newish to cg, loosing so much hair in the shower now that i stopped brushing my hair?

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been sulfate free for like 5 or 6 years with the occasional slip up from lieing products that i didnt thoroughly check the ingredient list on. found out about the curly girl method and officially started on june 31st and have mostly been loving the results but i used to use a brush on my 2nd day or 3rd day hair and wear it in braids, and definitely always brushed it before i took a shower, and now that i stopped i lose soooo much hair in the shower! i do dye my hair but i use vegan hair dye and when i bleach my hair i use low volume developer and soak my hair in oil before putting the bleach is and my hair is fairly healthy still. its definitely not like falling out in clumps or anything but i just feel like it gets so tangled and as im trying to even just get my hair wet i have to move it around and hair starts sticking to my hands and falling out onto the shower floor. is this normal or am i doing something wrong? i mean i have a LOT of hair so im not entirely worried about the amount i lose comparatively to whats on my head but it also doesnt feel like its a good thing to be happening lol. i have 2c wavy hair i think, and im not 100% about porosity, i think its low porosity and thats what i got on the quiz this site has but i did the water cup test(water in a clear bowl/cup drop a few strands on it and check after a few minutes) and my hair sunk to the middle of the water on average a strand or 2 stayed floating and a couple strands also sank to the bottom so that was incredibly confusing lol. the density is thick and the strands themselves are medium thickness. i have also struggled with insanely frizzy hair my whole life and so far this CG method hasnt helped my hair very much on that aspect but it hasnt made it worse either, any tips for stopping the frizz on a budget? but my biggest struggle i need advice on is the hair loss  :(

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    This sounds completely normal.  All the loose hair used to come out with your brush, but since you don't brush anymore - it's coming out with your hands.  It's normal to loose 100-150 strands a day, so if you're really worried you can count the strands that come out during your wash.  But really, it's just that you're actually seeing all that shed hair instead if it ending up in your brush.
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    The same thing happened to me and I got so scared. Now, I roll all the hairs that fall out in the shower into a ball and name them before they go down the drain. Today's hair monster was Jean-Jacque. To reduce frizz, I've had success by using products that are recommended for the curl pattern above my own (I have 2b/2c hair and use products recommended for 3a), using the pixie curl method when I diffuse, and not being shy with applying leave in conditioner to 2nd and 3rd day hair.
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