Shea Moisture Curl Stretch Pudding

nu_natural10nu_natural10 Registered Users Posts: 114 Curl Connoisseur
Reviews from anyone who has used it. Would it pair well with the curl enhancing smoothie?
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  • ExMathMajorExMathMajor Registered Users Posts: 23 Curl Neophyte
    The only thing I liked about this product was the scent.  :( I tried it as a styler on my WNG and on braids for a braidout. In both cases my hair was dry and overly coated and there was no real stretch to be seen.
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  • 4abCoily_Kinks4abCoily_Kinks Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 2 Curl Neophyte
    Love this product, so moisturizing and smells great! But I do add water and vegetable glycerin to it to thin it out to help my low porosity hair absorb it. I have not found a gel it pairs well with yet. I've tried eco,wet line, fantasia, curling gel souffle and a few others.
  • 4abCoily_Kinks4abCoily_Kinks Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 2 Curl Neophyte
    Oh yeah I forgot to add, using this with the curl enhancing smoothie would be redundant and probably over kill. Both are a thick styling cream and can be used similarly.
  • AddeeAddee Registered Users Posts: 412 Curl Connoisseur

    Is this the red palm oil line? I found this to be one of the few SM products my hair doesn't hate. It was given to me at a hair meetup event as I would not have bought it.. I still almost gave it away without trying it. I think my hair likes it because it doesn't have coconut oil. My hair easily absorbs it. I only use a very small amount. I don't have any problems using it with ecosyler perhaps because I use so little. I decided to try the leave in and I actually like it better. I can use slightly more of it than the pudding without becoming weighed down. 

    My hair hates SMCES. It's way too thick for my hair. I think I have had some that's been in my cabinet for years. I Really should toss it. I was also given SMJBC leave in at that hair show. I haven't opened it. I have a feeling it's not going to go well in my hair.  

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  • adam998adam998 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    This product was not used by me. However, I've heard from a friend that this is perfect for hair. I'm now busy with my work sugar ants. I'll put it to use when I finish my task.

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