Starting over - shampoo/cond recs for fine hair?

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Hi all - my hair needs a reset.  It’s 2C/3A, fine, low density, thin, colored, protein sensitive, and gets weighed down easily.  My hair became very sensitive to protein last summer and I’ve gone through periods of overload and am generally protein free at this point.  The only protein I seem to be able to use in moderation is Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair mask, which has Keratin.  My hair really loathes rice protein.

Lately, I’m having horrible breakage in the shower which tells me I need some protein.  I did my Briogeo (it had been a few weeks), then a few days later I did moisture with Jessicurl DT.  Huge reduction in breakage with just those two treatments.  This has me wondering if I should try to switch to a cleansing conditioning routine with low protein for consistent strength.  I need moisture but not weight, and color safe.

What would you all do?  Lower protein all the time or just use the above items more frequently?  I usually use JC Gentle Lather shampoo and Aloeba cond, with the above two products peppered in.  I have a ton of Ouidad which used to be my HG, but my curls now react to too much silicone too.  Deva cleansers and conditioners don’t work for me.
 Ideas?  Thanks. :)
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    This isnt necessarily a suggestion but a thought. You could stick to protein free products and when you feel you need protein, add a drop or two of neutral protein filler. You can get it from sallys or any beauty supply store. Just a thought.
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    I'd try using something with protein once a week to start.  See how your hair does with that, then you can adjust if needed.  No need to go all in all at once, otherwise you might end up overloaded again.
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    I have protein-sensitive hair, and I stick to a protein-free regimen until I feel like my hair needs some protein, at which point I use a protein-containing shampoo or conditioner or styler. After a while, you will start to see how often you need to do this.

    I would not use a protein-containing product every time you wash unless the protein is really low on the ingredients list (like the last ingredient). Overall, I think you'll have more control if you use protein-free products and add in a protein product as needed.

    By the way, the Aloeba has hydrolyzed oat flour in it, which most likely is acting like a protein.
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