WHAT'S MY HAIR TYPE?? I don't know if i'm 3b or c or 4a or a mix of any of those

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I'm a college student and I'm growing out my hair long for the first time. The problem is I don't know the curl type. Some of the hair toward the crown of my head is a little curlier, but honestly, I don't know if I fit into a specific group. Anyone who can help me identify the curl type would be greatly appreciated. Below I attached picture after I had gotten out the shower and dried t so its a little damp. I don't really do much to it besides condition it in the shower so there is no product in it. My hair is about 1.5 inches all around maybe a centimeter shorter on the sides.  Once again any help would be appreciated.

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    In terms of curl pattern it looks to me like a mix of 3b and maybe some 3c. Can't tell for sure what the thickness of the hair strands are (in terms of whether it's fine, medium, or coarse), and of course there's no way to tell the porosity from pictures, but I hope my guess on what curl texture you have is helpful to you! :)
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