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I’ve tried so many different ways to refresh my second and third day curls but my hair either ends up feeling like it has too much product in it or it’s dry. I’ve tried water and leave in with a spray bottle and that leaves my hair very limp probably because I sprayed too much but if I don’t spray as much then it gets dry and frizzy. I’ve tried carols daughter curl refresher spray and my hair just get really frizzy and the product doesn’t feel great in my hair. Does anyone else have this issue or have tips for me to refresh? I have high porosity hair I think 2b curls? And it’s pretty fine. 


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    Maybe more water and less conditioner.
    Do you use any products with protein.  Fine haired curlies generally need some protein to give their hair muscle to hold the curl.
    Some will wet their hands and scrunch in some gel.
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    I’ve tried more water less conditioner but then my hair just gets very dry at the ends... I can’t seem to find a balance. I’ll try using a gel I just feel like then my hair would need to be wetter but I’ll give it a try
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    Still searching for a 2nd day routine that I'm happy with... usually go with spritzing some water, adding in a little leave-in (otherwise my hair gets super dry feeling) and then a light misting of Devacurl's Mist-er Right.  My biggest complaint is I'll get some halo frizz and the curls don't clump together as well.
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    Do you feel like you have to refresh? I have fine 2b hair and never could refresh. my curls stay in tact overnight and are good for 3 to 4 days.
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     I think the key to having good 2nd/3rd/whatever day hair is making sure your curls/waves are in good/decent shape when you go to bed and to protect them in some way. So maybe try refreshing your hair before you go to bed and doing so again in the morning. I would recommend starting off with water and a bit of leave-in/sealer if you need moisture. And don't forget to protect your hair with something satiny or silky.
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    I refresh at night before bed. Spritz with water and add a bit of curl cream if it is a bit dry, and a bit more gelly. Gelly, like a custard, not gel. Then I scrunch and smooth, create a loose pineapple AND cover it with a buff. I can usually just undo and fluff in the morning. 
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    I have the finest baby-fine hair I have ever seen, even on an actual baby.  I can't leave ANYTHING in my hair and have struggled for a couple of decades now with breakage and loss of length and curl (which turned out to be caused by the Pantene I was using).

    It's taken several years but I'm homing in on a cure for all that.  Things are getting better, the breakage is way down, and I'm getting body, volume, curl and definition back.  I'm not ready to start working on a refresh cocktail, but here's what worked for me in the past BEFORE Mr. Pantene started ruining my hair:

    Steam, like from the shower.  Humidity is guaranteed to cause my head to burst into bloom.  I actually DID NOT KNOW I had curly hair until I moved to Puerto Rico, stopped getting it permed, and suddenly I had wash 'n wear curls.

    Spritzing with plain water.  This also worked for a long time but not after Mr. Pantene went full-on abusive with my hair.

    Spritzing with watered down Infusium 23.  Straight it pulled the curl out, but watered down it was excellent.  When I have my regimen stabilized, this is the first thing I'll try.  I sure hope they haven't significantly changed the formula in the last 20 years.

    Literally NOTHING else that I've ever used as a leave-in has ever worked for me.  My hair is ridiculously fine and high porosity.

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