thinking of Aveda, whch one ??

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Hi, I'm on yet another search for a good gel. My BRHG is the best so far, but I don't consider it my HG. So, now i'm thinking of trying Aveda (in part due to the fact I think the 2 hair salons in the mall may have banned me due to my buying all their products!! :lol: ). anyway, I have shoulder length , poofy, dry, 2c/3a hair.

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Best combo so far:
SheaMosture Curl and shine milk , Ouidad heat and humidity gel


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    Their Be Curly line they launched not too long ago (revamped it and I think added to it?) people seem to like.
    I use their flax seed gel and like it. I liked their elixir for a summer conditioner but they discontinued it.
    Low porosity, medium texture.
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    I use their Be Curly Curl Enhancer under a gel, it's got wheat protein (which my hair likes) and it definitely helps me get curly in the morning.