Lost my curls and I want them back.

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 Help me please. I dyed my hair blonde and lost the shape of my curls. I love having my hair blonde but what’s the point if my curly hair is completely gone. My hair is a mess , straight from the root and wavy then straight in the ends. 

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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  The bleach has probably damaged your hair.  Olaplex is supposed to help with that.  There are 4 different formulas - it starts with a salon treatment, then #2 is to be used at home to extend and support the first treatment.  They've just come out with a shampoo and conditioner, but those are not CG, so don't use them if you avoid silicones and sulfates.
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    Bleach unfortunately does loosen the curl. Your hair still looks healthy just not as curly. If you are experiencing damage, I can give you some more advice.
    In the meantime, get a Olaplex standalone treatment if you can (some salons will do this for about $15). Get the No. 3 if it's in your budget. Don't follow the instructions though. Shampoo first then use the treatment (leave on half and hour or overnight- note if you plan to bleach your roots when they come in, Olaplex can make your hair resistant to bleach so beware and don't leave on overnight).
    Deep condition at least once a week.
    Follow the curly girl method if you are not already. This encourages curl pattern.
    The DIY gelatin protein treatment is great for getting curl definition.
    Look at your ends, if they are split or have little white balls on them (this means it's about to break), get a trim. If your ends persistently feel dry, they may be beyond saving.
    Give it a few weeks, and re-evaluate.

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