How short does 3a hair have to be in order to get root curl?

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I have fine, 3a hair and I'm getting a Deva cut in a week and would love it if the shortest layers could be curly at the roots with the right products and styling, but I still want to be able to pull most of my hair back. So how short does my hair have to be in order to get root curl? 
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    I think that's something that's going to vary on the individual.  Some hair will get curlier as it gets shorter, but some hair will only curl when it's longer.  Some hair will naturally be very curly near the roots, and some hair won't.  It also depends a lot on techniques.  I get more root curl when I do everything upside down. 

    Ask your stylist when you go.  She won't know for sure unless she's seen your hair cut short, but she can make a better guess than we can.  And good luck with the cut!  I hope it turns out great!
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    My hair gets curlier with less weight. I had a lob before that when stretched hit my collar bone. I got great root curl, but right now I have BSL hair and few layers. I am getting my hair cut this monday and I am asking for lots of layers to perk up my hair. 

    Moral of the story though: you probably won't know what's best for your hair until you try it out. If short layers don't do anything for you, they will grow out again. 
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