Tips for Growing Out a 3b/3c Pixie

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Hey there!

I just started the CG method a few weeks ago -- I've had my hair buzzed / very short / undercut for almost 4 years to try and avoid my curls but I'm finally embracing them! I'm starting on the intense journey of growing out what I have right now which is a super curly pixie that's longer in the front/on the top than it is in the back. 

I wanted to know if anyone had any tips for getting through what are going to be a very difficult/tempting number of months/years. I've stocked up on bobby pins, headwraps and accessories. I think my main question right now is: does it actually help to get trims? The mullet stage bothers me (and it's already happening lol) but I've heard differing opinions -- some people say getting it cut in the back and leaving everything else to grow helps the awkward stage while others have told me to just power through the mullet stage because trimming will only make the entire process longer.

I'm really new to this so any wisdom would be super appreciated! <3 Thank you!


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    Very cute hair!  Personally, I find it's easier to grow out when I have a decent cut to start with.  I'd be getting cuts to reshape it as it grows out.  It might take a little longer, but it won't be quite as painful.  It doesn't look it'll grow into a mullet, since your top is longer than the back. 
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    I agree with Guide 65. I've done the growing out BC's 3 times now. Getting it trimmed to keep it in a good shape works a lot better, or at the least helps you to look and then feel better as the journey continues.

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