In short, what do you do with your hair throughout the week?

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So, this is a loaded question. There are quite a few things that I'm asking for here. 
1. How often do you restyle your hair throughout the week? (I watch a lot of hair tutorials and see a lot of natural hair youtubers that say they're starting off on "old" styles, but not giving a time frame. For me, "old" hair is like 4 days old.)
2. How would you define "old" hair?
3. How often do you wash your hair? 
4. How often and how do you moisturize your hair throughout the week without ruining the style?


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    1. I normally restyle my hair only on days that I wash it, which would be twice a week. Occasionally, if I have extra energy, I will rewet my hair at the bathroom sink maybe one extra time during the week, which would bring the total of styling occasions to three. 

    2. "Old" hair to me is second-day hair and beyond.

    3. I wash my hair twice a week.

    4. On every nonwash day (so, five times a week), I generally wet my hands with a little water and smooth it over my hair and scrunch a bit to get some wave back. I may add a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner in the winter. 
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    1. I only restyle my hair when my wash and go looks like a wild woman who lives in the woods. This for me is detangling and either doing headless curls or an updo.
    2. Old hair to me is day 4 and beyond because this is when my hair is really dry.
    3. I wash once a week. Very rare I will cowash mid week.
    4. I will only wet my hair if the wash and go is no longer feasible and my hair is super dry, like breaking if you look at it wrong. Water refresh only causes frizz for me. I typically only do this if I am restyling my hair as mentioned above.

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