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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some opinions on this. I have always had very thick hair but until this year i’ve always brushed it out and worn it up in a pony tail. Earlier in the year I decided to embrace my curls and cut it to chin length and now I wear it down and curly. Problem is, lately i’ve noticed that more of my hair has been falling out that normal. I’ve always had a lot of hair come out every time i’ve brushed or showered, but since about May I feel like it’s been more. Also, i’ve noticed that sometimes you can see parts of my scalp near where my hair is clumped. Having never really wore my hair down before i’m not sure if this is normal? Is it just because of my curls clumping, or am I starting to thin so much that i’m getting bald spots. 

I’ve attached some pictures, Having literally never worn my hair down since I can remember I really have no idea if this is normal. I’ve also attached a picture of how much hair is in my sink aifter combing when wet- it’s the same amount every day! Is this a normal amount? Every time I run my fingers through my hair one or two strands come out. What do i do???


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    Those strands actually look like breakage, so I don't think the hair is coming from the root. Your hair doesn't look thin at all in my opinion. Just make sure you are gentle when you comb your hair and don't put conditioner on your scalp. If you really believe it is shedding and not breakage, I recommend doing a black tea rinse a few times over the course of a month or so. My mom did it and her crown was almost completely bald and now all the hair is back.
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    That does not seem like an excessive amount to me.

    The bald spots on your head just have to do with how the waves are clumping--I get that too.
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    Thanks ladies, really appreciate your thoughts! I think maybe just because I am so not used to wearing it down i’m still not sure what is normal for me! 
  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,170 Curl Virtuoso
    I'd agree, it doesn't look thin to me either, I think it's just the way your hair's curling from the root.
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