Will the hair pulled out while using a hot comb grow back?

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I have been straightening my hair with blow dryers, flat irons and hot combs in salons for years. Usually not more than three times a year. I have long hair that's prone to tangling so whenever the stylist handle it they pull too hard and I can feel the hair snapping of my scalp. It has started to visibly thin. I have just came back from nother salon visit and I am feeling really miserable about it. Will my hair ever grow back?

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    Many things can impact hair growth. Solely based on what you wrote, here are 3 things to think about:
    1. Any straightening treatment affects the quality of the hair fiber, weakening it. This makes the hair break easily. Moreover, methods with tension at the scalp can pull hair out at the root.
    2. Age, diet and health affect how fast hair growths, how strong it growths, and how often it 'dies off' and falls from the root.
    3. Tangling can be helped with the right products, regular haircuts, and careful detangling from the ends towards the roots.
    If you are in good health, eat well, take care of your hair and minimize hair pulling your hair probably does grow back. If your hair is thinning there may be genetics, age, health,  or hair care concerns that need to be addressed by a professional.

    And I would not keep a hair styling professional that pulled my hair.
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    Curledvines gave a very informative answer. I think the chances are good. Typically repeated actions such as sleek buns or too tight of protective styling will cause traction alopecia, but from how you described, the hair will most likely grow back. Just care for the hair you have in the meantime.

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