What’s my hair type?

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The first pic is my hair dry with no product. The second pic is my hair soaking wet with conditioner. I think I have low porosity I don’t like putting heavy products in my hair because they don’t absorb. They sit on top and leave a white residue. I also think I have fine to medium strands.


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    It's better to show us a picture of how you wear your hair everyday, at it's best.  It's hard to see what kind of curls you have when they're all separated like that.  From these pictures, it looks like somewhere in the higher range of 4 - either a 4B or 4C, but I suspect it would be lower if you can get some definition in there.
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    Yout hair looks really good. I would say it is mostly 4b. That being said there could be splatterings of 4a and 4c, but you won't really know until you run some leave in and gel through there and see how those curls form.
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    Hello I’ve been 4 years natural now I could figure out how to post again since I’ve been on the sit so I’m just gonna post again here. Within my 4 years I’ve been wondering if I actually need hair products for my hair to grow. No product I try is “moisturizing” my hair has never felt like “butter” or had “slip”. It’s really dry. I’m also only at arm pit length and my edges kept breaking off and growing back. Co washes didn’t work and nightly twisting stopped me from retaining length. Recently I “gave up” and I’ve only been greasing my scalp and wearing wigs. I just wash my hair condition it cornrow my hair a grease my scalp. I leave my cornrows in for 3-4 months then repeat the process. My edges and hair overall have gotten a lot thicker. It’s still doesn’t have a hair like “butter” feeling but it has gotten a lot softer. It made me think I don’t really need a lot of hair products or steps and I wanted to know if this is working for any other naturals with my hair type?
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    *couldnt figure out
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    Looks like a combo of 4a and b. It looks soft.
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    Hi, can someone help me figure out my hair type?

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