New(ish) wavy here!

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I am so excited to be part of this community! A few years ago, I had super long, thick, wavy hair that I was just learning how to manage without blow drying and straightening every day. Mostly I was just minimizing the 'poo, throwing my hair into braids overnight, and letting it do its thang in the morning with lots of scrunching.

But it was hot and humid and my hair was heavy so chopped it into a pixie in summer 2015. 

But I finally have hair again! Time to give the waves a try once more.

This was this afternoon. I just decided to start playing with the CG method again on Monday, and this picture is the day after a wash. After some research on here, I decided to keep using most of my products (Shea Moisture Curl & Shine shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in). I also grabbed some Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils Styling Gel (not sure I'm loving it) and a sea salt spray (to use on occasion). 

Main issues so far: my waves falling out by the end of the day (as you can likely see from that last picture). Sigh. I guess that's always been my problem. My hair is so heavy and thick, the weight just pulls it down! Or perhaps I need a different gel. Other issue is figuring out how to commute to work on bike and take off the helmet with decent look hair, ha! 

I'm excited to have a place to figure this all out, keep my hair healthy, and get these waves in check!


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair looks so cute in the pixie, but I think I like the shoulder length even more! 
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    Thank you! Aiming for lots more length before my wedding next March.

    Hair is much more wavy today and hasn't fallen out yet (as of almost 2PM). Progress!
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    When I first started seriously caring for my waves and curls this June, I had the same issue. My hair would air dry and look great for a short time and then turn into a big frizz puff with no discernible curls or waves. After only two months of ditching sulfates and silicones, using leave in conditioner, alternating between shampooing and cowashing, and doing regular deep conditioning, my waves are wavier, my curls are curlier, and they stay defined for 2ish days at a time. Be patient, try new styling methods, and make it fun! Commuting with your gel cast still in your hair might help maintain your style longer as well. P.S. Your hair looks wonderfully healthy already which is a great way to start!
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