My hair is weird; any soulmates?

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Okay so first, I'm new here so I'm not really sure how this all works but I'm trying... I decided to make account here so I can maybe find someone with same problem as me. (also english isn't my official language so i apologise if I'm confusing or stuff)

The thing is that i got 3a/3b hair from front, but my hair from back is wavy. It's hard to explain, but like when you look at me face to face you can be like "hey you got some cool curls!" but when you look my back, my hair is not so curly at all. And honestly it looks very stupid.

I had super long hair for years and i cut it about shoulder length a few weeks ago. Could it be that my hair has been so long that it won't curl so well anymore?

Also there's "straight line" in my hair... when I had long hair i kept my hair on ponytail all the time. I wonder if that line may be imprint by bobble?

Has anyone same kind of problem? And does anyone have any tips how to make my hair curl better from back too?

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    Hi @notducko ! I totally understand your problem. I have mostly 3a hair, but the back is just wavy. I haven't really found anything to even out my curl pattern and I doubt that it is possible to 'fix' that problem. 
    I think the best thing to do is to just love your hair and treat it the best you can. Most people with curly hair have uneven patterns and textures. Your hair is beautiful no matter what! 
    You can try to focus more attention on the back of your hair when you apply product, and apply your gel gently to that area while making sure you are applying enough. We tend to focus less on the back of our hair because it is harder to reach. You can also spend some extra time finger combing and squishing conditioner in that area to make sure the hair is deeply hydrated.  
    You can also try the Smasters method only for the back of your hair. It generally brings out more curl and it can help to even out texture. 
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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  I totally agree with what @CurlyD24 said.  Not much to add beyond that!  And yes...I have the same problem with my hair.  It looks so curly in the front, but the back is just a few flat waves.
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