HELP!! What’s my hair type ??

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Hey :) I really wanna know what’s my hair type I know it’s not as important as other things but I still wanna know lol. And yes I know my hair is short and that the hair on top is really damaged caused by bleach :( but if you can tell me hair type I’ll really appreciate it !!! Thanks in advance ❤️❤️ While we are here can anyone tell me how to get rid of frizz ???


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    Looks like a 3C to me.  Frizz is typically caused by dryness, so you need to moisturize your hair.  Use conditioner, and use a leave in conditioner.  Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel - use a T shirt instead, and gently pat/squeeze the water out, don't rub.  If you still experience frizziness, then try a gel.  A good cheap one is LA Looks Sports gel.  Apply it to your hair, let it dry without touching.  It'll dry crunchy and hard!  That's ok - once it's dry, run your fingers through to break up the crunchiness.  You should be left with nicely defined curls.
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    I like that hair!

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